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  • The manga One Piece was first serialized in the anthology magazine Weekly Shonen Jump. A new issue of Jump (and consequently a new chapter of One Piece) is issued every week, as the title indicates. With Eiichiro Oda’s personal hiatuses and the magazine’s holiday holidays, about 45-48 chapters are released every year.
  • Chapters are republished in tankbon (単行本?) volumes three to four months after they first appeared in Jump. These books contain an average of 10 chapters, are printed on higher-quality paper but are smaller (B6 pages vs. B5), and all color art is presented in grayscale. They compensate by including fresh cover artwork, an author question-and-answer section, fan-art galleries, and other added features.
  • Chapters are also republished at irregular intervals as bigger Complete Collections (総集編 Sshhen? ), which preserve the majority of the Jump publications’ paper quality and layout. These strive to assemble whole story arcs wherever feasible, and may have anywhere from twenty to forty chapters as a consequence.


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